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OGDEN, UT – GOODE is now offering a special DEMO offer on its PowerVest System. For only $25.00, you can demo on your own lake, at your own pace, the GOODE PowerVest System. The PowerVest System reduces load to your back in a similar fashion to that of a hiking backpack . You want to carry the load (or weight) on your hips, not your upper body and back. By reducing excessive load forces to your upper body and back, the PowerVest reduces muscle fatigue, reduces the repetitive compressive load on your back, and increases your strength and endurance.

The results are conclusive: skiers wearing the PowerVest System can pull 25%-50% stronger with over 5 times the endurance than skiers not using the PowerVest System!

Jeff Milford won the Men’s 3 Division at the 2009 GOODE Water Ski National Championships using the GOODE PowerVest System. “My GOODE PowerVest allowed me to ski a Personal Best. I could not have done it without it,” Jeff Milford said.

34mph World Record Holder, Dave Miller said, “I have only been skiing a couple of weeks this spring and I have worn the Goode Elite PowerVest almost every set.

I am amazed at the way it saves my body, especially when I make a mistake in the early season.

I have been training a bit at 58 K and I have found that I can run 11.25 with the PowerVest quite easily.

It also allows me to ski much more, 8 to 10 pass sets and 3 or 4 sets a day is no problem. More time on the water is more time to perfect my technique!”

Contact GOODE at 1-888-GO-GOODE (1-888-464-6633) or 1-801-621-2300 with questions or to get more information on DEMOing the GOODE PowerVest System.

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