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Club Guidelines

  • 1. Preamble

    1.1 The following guidelines are intended to serve the common good of all members and to ensure enjoyable use of the club venues and facilities.

    1.2 The purpose of the FVWSC is to promote competitive and recreational towed water sports in the community.

    1.3 All club members are responsible for following and enforcing the guidelines.

    1.4 On-going violations of the guidelines are to be reported to the executive for corrective action.

    1.5 Failure to comply with the guidelines may result in the temporary loss or permanent suspension of membership privileges.

    1.6 Members will be held financially responsible for damage to club or municipal property.

    1.7 Clinic,s training camps and tournaments organized by the FVWSC will result in restricted access to the sites, as required, to successfully stage these events.

    1.8 Club members may ask the general public to leave club facilities (launch, ramp, jump, slalom course, docks, judging towers, club house). Do this politely, keeping in mind that the general public can be on the property, but may not use the club facilities.
  • 2. Sites – General

    2.1 The Albert Dyck and Sumas River sites are both on public property. The FVWSC has access agreements with the City of Abbotsford for both of these sites.

    2.2 All activities on the sites must be consistent with the use of public property and the Bylaws of the City of Abbotsford. Areas of special concern included: time restrictions, garbage removal, respect for others using the public property, no liquor, no open fires, etc.

    2.3 The sites are very compact and / or shallow. It is unsafe to operate an outboard under these conditions. Outboard motors are not allowed in the slalom or jump courses.

    2.4 Outboards may be used outside the slalom or jump courses for bare footing.

    2.5 The maximum number of boats allowed on a site at one time is restricted.

    2.6 To obtain a specialized towed water sports specific boat (i.e. barefoot or wakeboard), a minimum of 20 full members is required. This is at the discretion of the executive such that the cost of the boat is covered by the membership fees.

    2.7 The boat launch is secure with a chain and pad lock. It is the responsibility of the last person out to lock up.

    2.8 New members will not be given keys to the launch ramp until they have received site orientation from a member of the executive or safety committee.

    2.9 Members are responsible to repair damage to the ski courses including replacing missing balls. If assistance is required, contact the Facilities Coordinator or another member of the Executive. Members may not leave a site unusable without notifying a member of the executive.
  • 3. Sumas River Site

    3.1 The site is available dawn to dusk seven (7) days a week.

    3.2 The site has a maximum of two (2) slalom and one (1) jump courses.

    3.3 The maximum number of boats allowed on the site is five (5). Barefooters using the river south of Lakemount Bridge are not included in this count.

    3.4 There is a rowing club downstream of the Sumas River. They very occasionally encroach on our waterway. Respect them as users of public property.

    3.5 The field to the north east of the launch ramp is private and not available for our use.

    3.6 There are numerous underwater obstacles on this site. A thorough knowledge of the waterway is essential before attempting to ski on the site.
  • 4. Albert Dyck Site

    4.1 The site is available dawn to dusk seven (7) days a week.

    4.2 The site is on public property and it is a public park. Respect other users.

    4.3 The club house is officially known as a judging station. It is there for club activities only and may not be used for private functions.
  • 5. Visitors

    5.1 The purpose of the FVWSC is to encourage and promote towed water sports. The purpose of allowing visitors is to introduce them to the club facilities and encourage them to join as members.

    5.2 Visitors are allowed at the Sumas site and Albert Dyck site.

    5.3 A visitor may be invited a maximum of three (3) times.

    5.4 Visitors boats are not allowed on ski sites.

    5.5 Visitors must sign the appropriate liability waiver before entering the site. The host member is responsible to enforce this requirement.

    5.6 Club members are responsible for the actions of their visitors.

    5.7 When there are more than 3 club members waiting to ski, the visitors are to take the host member’s turn in rotation – i.e. the host member foregoes their time slot for the visitor.
  • 6. Member Participation

    6.1 The FVWSC relies on working members to facilitate clinics, tournaments, public ski / wakeboard days, fundraise and to construct and maintain facilities.

    6.2 Working members enjoy nominal member fees, and in the interest of fairness it is critical that the club receive a roughly equal volunteer contribution from each working member.

    6.3 The club will attempt to apply members abilities where they are best suited to whatever extent possible.

    6.4 Working members are required to:
    • Attend pre-schedule work parties to which they are assigned.
    • Participate in active maintenance of areas to which they have been assigned.
    • Find an alternate replacement if unable to attend work parties.

    6.5 All club members are required to:
    • Attend club meetings.
    • Participate in coordinating tournaments.
    • Take a turn serving on the executive.
    • Upgrade ratings as official / calculator / judge / boat driver / coach.
  • 7. Safety

    7.1 Safety is a primary concern.

    7.2 Members shall exercise water safety in all activities. Members must comply with the safety requirements of the Canadian Coast Guard.

    7.3 Any member not biding by the safety requirements of the Canadian Coast Guard who is reported to the Executive (along with a witness) results in a year suspension from the club for their first offence. The year’s suspension starts from the date of offence for one full year. The second offence will result in loss of membership.

    7.4 As a safety precaution, only members who are deemed to be trained tournament drivers will be allowed to operate boats during club activities (this includes work parties, ski clinics, tournaments).

    7.5 The Coaching Coordinator will keep an updated list of trained tournament drivers.

    7.6 The club will not be responsible for the insurance deductible if a privately owned boat is utilized for a club activity but not operated by a trained tournament driver.
  • 8. Insurance

    8.1 Applicable to the Members’ boats at the Sumas site as well as the Albert Dyck club boat: boats must have full insurance coverage with maximum deductible of $500.00 before operating on Club sites. A copy of the insurance must be provided to the Secretary before the boat is launched on a club site. Proper insurance with addition of school district number 34 and the city of Abbotsford named insured.

    8.2 Visitors are not insured in any way and must sign the appropriate liability waiver before using the site.

    8.3 The FVWSC will take responsibility up to the deductible amount of $500.00 for accidents involving privately owned boats used in club activities. “Club Activities” are defined as tournament related activities (tow boat, pick up boat or first aid boat) and work parties. The boat driver for the club activities must be the boat’s owners or a club member who has received driver training from BCWSA and site orientation from the facilities coordinator.
  • 9. Club Boat

    9.1 The club boat is not to be removed from the Albert Dyck site unless 3 or more executive members are aware and agree to the arrangement.

    9.2 The boat must be signed in and out with name, date, time and record of hour meter in the log book. The person signing out the club boat must be a full member and a voting member in good standing. Should this person leave the site, the boat is trailered or signed over to another eligible member. The person who signs out the boat is responsible for careless damage.

    9.3 To be eligible to drive you must be 16 years or older and passed the level one driving course. Any member under 21 years of age wishing to drive requires a club full member over 21 present. The under 21 member must sign a waiver before driving, agreeing to be responsible for any damage and the $500.00 deductible. No member under 21 years of age is able to sign out the boat.

    9.4 Upon trailering and signing the boat back into the shed, the signer is responsible to make sure the boat is clean. This consists of wiping down the boat and removing any garbage and vacuuming the inside. Should there be any damage or problems with the boat, the signer is required to contact the person in charge of maintenance. Any damage must be recorded in the log book.

    9.5 When gassing up the boat, the date, amount of gas and name must be recorded on the clip board which is mounted in the shed.

    9.6 Rates for skiing are $10 per set for adults and $5.00 per set for children under (not including) 12 years of age for all memberships except Casual Drop In and Casual Drop in Family which are $30 and $10 dollars for adults and children under 12 respectively. A set consists of the following:
    • Slalom – 6 passes
    • Jump – 4 passes
    • Trick – 4 passes
    • Wakeboard – 4 passes
    • Barefoot – 6 passes

    There are no mulligans at any time.

    9.7 For skiing behind the club boat, poker chips are purchased from the club treasurer. There are different coloured chips for adults and children. A cash box remains in the boat for deposit of chips. All sets are marked in the log book on the correct date of skiing. Guests pay $20 per ski and a cheque is preferred. This is an honour system and everyone is expected to be honest. The member who has signed out the boat is required to make sure all skis are paid for.

    9.8 Any member who does not look after the boat or follow the guidelines will lose their boat use privileges.

    9.9 Non slalom skiers are to drive according to the following diagram.

  • 10.1 Rules of General Procedures - General

    10.1.1 All members are entitled to one voice and one vote. To avoid confusion, family memberships should designate such prior to the start of a meeting.

    10.1.2 On motion, the regular order of business may be suspended by a two-thirds majority of those members voting.

    10.1.3 Any conversation, by whispering or otherwise, which is calculated to disturb a member while speaking or hinder the transaction of business shall be deemed to be out of order.

    10.1.4 No members shall interrupt another who is speaking, exempt on a point of order and then only if it is urgent.

    10.1.5 Sectarian discussion shall not be permitted in the meeting.

    10.1.6 Any member wishing to speak shall indicate so by raising their hand or rising.

    10.1.7 A member who feels aggrieved by the actions of another member or the executive and has been unable to obtain a satisfactory response after contacting these person(s) may appeal to the executive in writing. The aggrieved individual may appear at the enxt regularly scheduled executive meeting to present the written brief, in order to answer questions and clarify issues. The executive will render a decision. If the aggrieved individual is unsatisfied with the decision of the executive, a further written presentation, along with a three minute verbal summary may be presented at the next regularly scheduled club meeting. The voting members of the club will render a decision which will be final.
  • 10.2 Rules of General Procedures - Motions

    10.2.1 A motion must be seconded, then recognized by the chair before it is open for debate.

    10.2.2 A member may withdraw a motion before it is stated (repeated) by the chair without the consent of the seconder. After it has been stated it can only be withdrawn by unanimous consent of the members present.

    10.2.3 A motion to amend an amendment is in order and shall be permitted but a motion to amend an amendment to an amendment is out of order and shall not be permitted.

    10.2.4 Any member wishing to speck on the motion must first state their position, either for or against, before they will be permitted the floor.

    10.2.5 All motions shall be determined by the simple majority except where otherwise specified.

    10.2.6 The chair shall not take a position on a motion except in the case of a tie vote.
  • 10.3 Rules of General Procedures - Debate

    10.3.1 A motion is not open for debate until it has been recognized by the chair.

    10.3.2 If two members wish to speck at the same time the chair shall determine who is entitled to the floor first.

    10.3.3 Any member speaking shall confine themselves to thedebate at hand and avoid all personal, indecorous or sarcastic language. Discussion shall concern the ideas before the meeting and not the individual expressing those ideas.

    10.3.4 If any member shall feel aggrieved by a decision of the chair they may appeal to the membership for their decision.

    10.3.5 The chair shall not become involved in the debate unless they designate another member to preside in their position, temporarily, and then take a place on the floor. In the event that this happens, the chair cannot resume presiding until after the debate has concluded.

    10.3.6 No member shall speck more than once on any matter until all other members wishing to speak have had an opportunity to do so. No members shall speak on a matter more than twice without the consent of two thirds of those members present.

    10.3.7 Any member who has been told to leave the debate three times and does not do so shall be excluded from participating in any further business at that meeting.
  • 11. FVWSC Membership

    11.1 The FVWSC strives to make towed water sports a family activity. It is our be objective to promote towed water sports through an affordable membership structure. To this end there are eight (8) types of memberships: Full, Student, Youth, Child, Casual Drop In, Casual Drop In Family, Sumas and Voting House Member.

    11.2 All new memberships are granted on a one year probation basis.

    11.3 Membership fees will nto be adjusted or refunded during the course of the year other than original members who upgrade from one any given membership type to Full membership. Exceptions may be granted at the sole discretion of the executive for requests received for reasons of injury or job transfer.

    11.4 Conditions of renewal of membership:
    (a) Full participation in assigned work parties.
    (b) Two full days as a tournament volunteer.
    (c) Attendance of a minimum of 4 club meetings per year (including the AGM)

    Members are to be notified before disciplinary action is taken for failure to meet minimum requirements.
  • 12. Voting Membership

    12.1 Member pays initiation fee (if required) and full annual dues.

    12.2 May serve and vote on the executive.

    12.3 May vote at club meetings.

    12.4 Has the right of boat access to club venues within established guidelines.

    12.5 Immediate family members (spouse or children) may become members based on nominal annual fee determined by the club (see website for pricing).

    12.6 The club bylaws do not allow voting by proxy.

    12.7 When a voting membership is not renewed, any subsequent application for membership will be processed as a new member application. Applicable initiation fees would apply.
  • 13. Honorary Membership

    13.1 This membership may be granted at the sole discretion of the FVWSC Executive. It is intended for individuals who do not water ski, but are willing to contribute time and effort to club activities.

    13.2 May serve and vote on the executive.

    13.3 May vote at club meetings.
  • 14. Miscellaneous

    14.1 Any member who holds a position on the executive, regardless of their type of membership, has voting rights during their term as an executive member.
  • 15. Executive Responsibilities

    ⋅ Chair executive and club meeting
    ⋅ Provide leadership to achieve club objectives
    ⋅ Represent club @ Provincial and National levels
    ⋅ Provide assistance to other members of the executive
    ⋅ Ensure site access and boat agreements are maintained

    Vice President
    ⋅ Assist President
    ⋅ Fill Presidents position in the event of absence
    ⋅ Represent club @Provincial and National Level
    ⋅ Food services
    ⋅ Assist in Public relations
    ⋅ Plan and host tournaments

    ⋅ Ensure compliance with constitution and statutory requirements
    ⋅ Record and disburse minutes
    ⋅ Membership renewal and applications
    ⋅ Represent club @ Provincial and National levels

    ⋅ Prepare annual operating budget
    ⋅ Provide monthly financial report and budget update
    ⋅ Responsibility for payables and receivables
    ⋅ Cheque signatory with President or Secretary

    Coaching Coordinator
    ⋅ Chair safety committee
    ⋅ Provide participation in competitive skiing
    ⋅ Obtain sponsorship for qualifying skiers
    ⋅ Encourage young skiers to become competitive

    Facilities Coordinator
    ⋅ Operate and maintain existing facilities
    ⋅ Coordinate construction of new facilities
    ⋅ Organize work days
    ⋅ Familiarization for new members of ski course, jump, docks, site etc
    ⋅ Educate club members about individual responsibility

    Public Relations
    ⋅ Plan and coordinate fund raising events
    ⋅ Advertise club events
    ⋅ Promote water skiing thru public and political awareness
  • Code Of Conduct

    We all share the common interest of promoting towed water sports while relaxing at the lake and spending time with good people. We are on public property, part of the Abbotsford City Parks, and the park is getting busier every year. See section 1.8 of the club guidelines; we may ask the public kindly, to not be in our boat path or on the dock while we are skiing. If people refuse to move (swimmers,paddle boarders, floaties etc.),remind them of the signage and our rights to be there. Be respectful and proceed when it's safe to do so. It is our responsibility to operate safely and with common sense when launching or pulling the boat out, both truck and boat drivers share the responsibility to take note of any persons who may be near or in the way, and to kindly ask them to clear the launch area. We will not tolerate foul language and/or abusive behaviour within the membership or toward the public. Please refer to the club guidelines and rules of membership for more information on specific topics