• The Fraser Valley Water Ski Club is a non-profit club where we all share the common interest of promoting towed water sports while relaxing on the lake and spending time with good people.

    The club was founded in the mid 80’s with all the skiing taking place on the Fraser River. In the early 90’s they located and secured a new location for the club on the Sumas River which the club still utilizes to this day. In 1994 in conjunction with the Western Canadian Summer Games which were held in Abbotsford in 1995. The summer games needed a water ski venue and so the water ski club was moved to Albert Dyck Park to help establish a site to hold the event.

    The club is currently located at Albert Dyck Park, at 31515 Walmsley Street in Abbotsford. It is one of the only dedicated water ski venues in B.C. It is a unique facility with a man-made lake where the club has a long history of hosting quality events. The club has hosted many local, provincial, national and International events.

    The club offers many different types of membership options to choose from to fit everyone’s needs, from the first time to skier, all the way to the competitive tournament skier. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to join the club and we are always looking for new members who want to belong to a great organization. We offer a club boat, which is part of our membership, and a driver from mid June to Mid September. We offer some equipment for people to try as well as club members always willing to help each other out with their skiing. You can check out our different types of memberships and pricing, on our web site at www.fvwsc.org

    The club is also committed to providing opportunities to promote the sport by offering public ski days, big brother and sister day, disable day, coaching clinics, kids camps, as well as many local, Provincial, National and International 3 event water skiing, barefoot skiing and wakeboard tournaments.

    Public ski days are for non-members to utilize the club and its facilities, and to get to know how our club runs and met our club members. We provide all the equipment you need, as well as our club boat, a driver and club members who will coach anyone from someone who is just learning how to ski, wakeboard, barefoot or someone wanting some tips on how to perfect they technique.

    We work with B.C. Rehab, GF Strong and their contacts on having a disable day people with disabilities get an opportunity to try out our sport. We also work with the local Big Brother and Big Sister organization on having a day for the kids to get a chance to learn how to ski.

    Every year try to bring in some of the best coaches as well as pro skiers to do coaching clinics for club members as well as anyone else who is interested in learning all the new technique to help them to become better skiers.

    Over the years we have had many club members win medals at local, provincial, western, national as well as international events with our best know athlete being David Miller. David is an Abbotsford resident, who has won many local, provincial, national and international events. He is currently the Canadian and World record holder for the men’s masters (over 35 yrs old) in the slalom event with a score of 4@41 off.

    Over the years we have had many people as well as companies help our club grow and we would like to thank them all. We would also like to give a special thanks to Murray Fraser and High Output Sports for all the support they have given us over the years, Enzo’s Inboards for supplying us with a great boat as well as the great service. We would also like to thank the Kim McKnight and B.C Water Ski and Wakeboard Association for all their help over the years.

    In 2009 we hosted the Malibu Open Pro Water Ski Championship which was a great event and a picture of our lake, taken at that event, was chosen to be on the cover of Water Ski Magazine in April 2010. We as a club were very proud of the fact that our site was chosen to be on the cover and it gave us a chance to promote our club, Abbotsford and the sport to an international audience.

    If anyone would like more information please check out our web site at www.fvwsc.org or contact myself at corey@fvwsc.org.

    Thank You

    Corey Walters
    President FVWSC

    PO Box 434
    Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
    V2T 6Z7

  • We are located in Albert Dyck Park in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

  • Corey Walters (President) – corey@fvwsc.org

    Rob Quiring (Vice-President) – rob@fvwsc.org

    Ken Martz (Treasurer) – ken@fvwsc.org

    Chris Penner (Secretary/Webmaster) – chris@fvwsc.org

    Joe Eggert (Public Relations) – joe@fvwsc.org

    Linda Summers (Coaching Coordinator) – linda@fvwsc.org

    Ura Szumylo (Facility Coordinator) – ura@fvwsc.org