The Sumas site was the beginning of the FVWSC and has since been home to barefooters and water skiers alike. It has been a place to find safe, calm, and suitable conditions for barefoot and water ski training at a very high level. With less and less bodies of water suitable for barefoot and water ski disciplines it is an invaluable resource to the water ski community. Membership is open to anyone who choose to join provided they can adhere to our code of conduct, boat insurance, and boat type requirements.

Boat type requirements are as follows and is for the sole purpose of helping to maintain a top quality ski site and to avoid damage to personal equipment, water ski courses and prevent unnecessary shoreline damage. Boat types allowed: Must be between 19′-21′ feet, must be tournament tow boat approved, must be direct drive or out board types so long as they are tow boat approved.

For more information or to inquire about membership at our Sumas site. Please contact our Sumas rep direct. Chris Penner at