Skier signup

Skiers can sign up for ski times on scheduled driver days any time prior to 8 AM for each day. There is no restriction on how early a skier can sign up. The maximum is 2 slots per day. The skier needs to arrive at least 15 min. before the time slot, to be sure to be ready to go on time. You can sign up 2 weeks in advance, but PLEASE intend to use those slots, not just sign up just in case and then cancel last minute.

Sign up deadline

Skiers can sign up online, up to 8 AM of that day. After 8 AM, you cannot sign up, although you can show up at the lake and place your name on the list where there is an opening. If a spare slot comes available or there is a no show, then you can ski in that opening. PLEASE don’t obligate others to let you squeeze in, it puts everyone behind.

Spare slot

Ski times will be spaced 15 minutes apart throughout the day. We will put about 2 spare slots per day, which will allow for members to drop in as well as for any possible down time in case of required maintenance. If a member drops in without a registered slot, they can place their name on the list and ski if a slot comes available. Registered skiers, that are not late, will have priority over a drop in skier if the spare slot needs to be used due to a delay.

Cancelling ski times

If a skier chooses to cancel a previously booked time, they have up until 10 PM of the day before their time slot. If the ski time is not cancelled the previous day and the skier does not show, then they must pay for the number of sets they were registered for. If the skier chooses to cancel before 10 PM, then it is the skiers’ responsibility to remove their name from the skier sign up page online, failure to do this means they pay for the set(s). As a courtesy, they should also send an email to the group advising that there are now available slots for the next day. DO NOT call the driver to cancel your ski time, it is not the drivers’ responsibility to make or cancel bookings for skiers.

Arriving late

If a skier arrives late and other skiers are waiting for their scheduled time then the skier will miss the ski time so as to keep on schedule, they can make up the set at a later time that same day, if a free slot comes available prior to the end of the drivers day. If there are no available slots, or the skier chooses to leave, then they pay for the set(s) they missed. Keep in mind if one skier causes everyone else to be running late then that means the drivers’ day would have to be extended so that the remaining skiers are able to ski. In consideration to the remaining skiers along with the driver, this will not be allowed. The boat driver is not obligated to stay beyond the scheduled time of each day because you arrive late.

Responsibilities of first and last skier/skiers of the day

The skier that is registered to ski first in the morning should arrive 30 min. early to help the driver launch the boat. Please don’t expect the driver to have the boat at the dock if they are there alone.

The last couple of skiers at the end of the day must remain on site to assist the driver in putting the boat away. Do not ski and then disappear, leaving the driver stranded.

Any skiers that plan on skiing in the morning prior to the registered ski times must be completed by the start of the registered ski times. For example, if the registered skiers start at 9 AM and other skiers plan on using the site earlier in the morning, then the earlier skiers must be finished by 9 AM. The registered skiers will have priority and must start on time. Also, they must make sure the boat is fully fueled. No excuses… it is each members responsibility to be aware of the schedule whether it’s registered skier times, public ski days, clinics etc.

Please be aware that this system is not going to be perfect and is always subject to potential delays or glitches. If you happen to show up at the lake one day and don’t get to ski exactly at your time, then please be patient. If there is a significant delay and you cannot wait to ski, then you are not required to pay for your set. Be courteous and don’t monopolize one particular time slot, change it up so that all members have a chance to use a variety of time slots.

Signing up for days with no driver

We have also applied a similar format to the days when there is no driver scheduled, ie: weekends and the off months of April to June and September to October.

Members still need to use the skier sign up program on the website as it has now been extended from April to October. This will only be a guideline for members to see who and when others are planning to go to the lake. Hopefully this will avoid having everyone show up at the same time resulting in lengthy delays. One thing that members need to keep in mind, they will need to align themselves with someone that is qualified to drive the boat. If you see a group of three or four already, don’t assume they have time to pull you as well, so contact them before you sign up, or find a few others to make another group of three or four. Now, those who are drivers need to be aware of who is around you as well, and that if you choose to cancel, you could potentially be taking away a ski ride from others as they need a driver too, and you’ve left them in the lurch.

We may need to enforce some of the rules, which apply to the days when a driver is scheduled. Although we do ask that if your plans change and you are unable to come out at your time, please go online and remove your name so others can fill the spaces. It’s also recommended to send a quick email out to the group so others know you have cancelled, especially those who were around you. Remember that communication is still the key to the success of the sign up system.

Thank You

The Executive Board