2021 British Columbia 3 event water ski provincial championships are happening once again at Albert Dyck Park, on August 20-22 weekend. With familiarization on Thursday Aug 19, 2021 (more info to follow re: times and cost). Tournament will start at 8am all days.

Some quick details for the tournament are as follows:

2021 WSWBC Water Ski Provincial Championships

Abbotsford, BC 

Alber Dyck Park, home of the Fraser Valley Water Ski Club

Aug 20-22, 2021

1 event TBA

2 events TBA

3 events TBA

Family rate TBA

1 round of each event with a money jump round for those that qualify. Anyone that doesn’t qualify for the money jump round or doesn’t jump will have the option to ski a 2nd round of slalom.

 FVWSC are also going to do an on site BBQ Saturday night. Cost TBA

TO SIGN UP and Register for the Provincials please follow this link: BC Water Ski Provincial Championships