Terry Goodman 
2018  JUNE 23-24

We have arranged a clinic with Terry Goodman at Albert Dyck Park,
for the weekend of June 23-24. Terry is a 3 event coach but the jump
will not be available for the clinic, coaching available for
slalom and trick.

The clinic will be full days, hours will be from 8 am until 4 pm. To
avoid being on site all day, skiers will be scheduled to ski 2 sets in the
morning, 8 am – 12 pm, or 2 sets in the afternoon 12 pm – 4 pm. If you
ski in the morning the first day, you will ski in the morning the next
day, same for afternoon skiers… unless you can find someone to
switch with.

You are required to register for both days of the clinic (2 sets each
day, for a total of 4 sets) If you only want to ski one day, you must
register for the 4 sets and you will be responsible to find someone to
split your sets with, the registering person is required to pay for the 4
sets and can work out the finances with the other person.

Cost and Registration Info:

– $50 per set (4 set min. $200)
– You MUST register in advance to ski in the clinic.
– Email Scott to register for the clinic and indicate your preference for
morning or afternoon sets. scott@fvwsc.org
– DO NOT pay until Scott has confirmed your sets with you. Once
Scott has confirmed your booking, he will provide payment

Please email Scott direct at scott@fvwsc.org